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Visulent AB
Västgötagatan 11 41139, Gothenburg, sweden
Phone: +46 738464425



We are providing the architectural industry with innovative solutions in high quality 3D-visualisations.  A Visualisation for us is so much more than just creating a good image. Our goal is to dig deeper than that. 

To truly understand the client. To understand each other. To communicate. 

Visulent is a newly started company based in Gothenburg, Sweden.  With a lot of excitement we are looking forward to hear more about your visions and create something new together!


Britta Wikholm

Britta is the Art Director and Founder at Visulent AB with a big passion for architecture, design and communication. Finding solutions to the customers needs by using the creative and visual skills is her daily motivation.

In her early ages Britta found an interest in photographing and retouching. After a year in Boston and a few art classes later the foundation for the future was built. She eventually found 3D-visualisation and chose to study Computer Graphic Design at the Higher Vocational Education Academy, Gothenburg. To work with Architecture was the given path from the very beginning of the studies.

After her degree she started as an in-house visual designer at White Architects, Gothenburg. Her focus was to develop visualisation-skills, to work close to the architects and to really get to understand the industry and how it works.

Britta eventually moved on to Tomorrow AB. Simultaneously she studied art direction at Bergs School of communication, Stockholm.

With her accumulated work life experience and a constant pursuit of developing, she is now starting up Visulent, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to delivering the best quality, the main focus is a dynamic communication with the client. 

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