Our team

Britta is the Founder at Visulent AB with a big passion for architecture, design and communication. Finding solutions to the customers needs by using the creative and visual skills is her daily motivation.

Britta Wikholm

Founder / Art Director

+46 (0) 738 46 44 25

Visual Designer and our creative director. A big fan of exploring new techniques and finding the perfect solution. He is a good chef and a Swedish west coast lover. On the weekends you can find him on Tjörn smelling the salty winds from the ocean.

Oliver Andersson

Creative Director / Visual Designer

+46 (0) 706 67 51 33

Visual Designer and a big eye for details, 3d-explorer and storyteller. Eric knows what’s coming up next and if you want to, he can sculpt you in Unreal. You can find him on a trail running or maybe taking a swim in the middle of the winter.

Eric Ljungberg

Visual Designer

Visual Designer and our expert in post production. Positive minded and has a splendid eye for image creation. Gustav comes up with new ideas and is a problem solver. If you want to make him in a good mood, say something from “The Office”.

Gustav Asteberg

Visual Designer

Visual Designer and Architect. A “Skåning” (From the south of Sweden) with a big heart for finding solutions, getting things structured and image creation. Jonathan is an adventurous candylover with a positive mindset that bikes around in our city or somewhere else in the world when he travels around.

Jonathan Ridell

Visual Designer

Victor Wismeier

Visual Designer

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