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Britta is the Founder at Visulent AB with a big passion for architecture, design and communication. Finding solutions to the customers needs by using the creative and visual skills is her daily motivation.

Britta Wikholm

Founder / Art Director

+46 (0) 738 46 44 25

Visual Designer and our creative director. A big fan of exploring new techniques and finding the perfect solution. He is a good chef and a Swedish west coast lover. On the weekends you can find him on Tjörn smelling the salty winds from the ocean.

Oliver Stolt

Creative Director / Visual Designer

+46 (0) 706 67 51 33

Visual Designer and our expert in post production. Positive minded and has a splendid eye for image creation. Gustav comes up with new ideas and is a problem solver. If you want to make him in a good mood, say something from “The Office”.

Gustav Asteberg

Visual artist and Head of Post Production

Visual Designer and Architect. A “Skåning” (From the south of Sweden) with a big heart for finding solutions, getting things structured and image creation. Jonathan is an adventurous candylover with a positive mindset that bikes around in our city or somewhere else in the world when he travels around.

Jonathan Ridell

Visual artist and Architect

Meet Jame, our energetic colleague that has a great affection toward captivating images. His passion for dance lights up his free time, and he often boogies toward the next Beyoncé concert.

Jame Kongvanichkitcharoen

Visual artist and Post Production

Meet Fanny, our dynamic colleague who's passionate about skiing and exploring culinary delights. She's always ready to hit the slopes and discover new restaurants, bringing boundless energy and enthusiasm to both work and play.

Fanny Lindersson

Visual Designer / Trainee

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